Micro-Fluidic Chip Procedure with IVF/ICSI

Sperm selection is a very important part of any infertility treatment. Being able to select the most viable and high motile sperm cells for fertilization.  This technic makes a difference in both embryo fertilization rates and the overall outcome of the fertility treatment.

Microfluidic chip for sperm selection is an ideal method for patients with sperm related problems. Male patients with poor sperm motility and morphology can highly benefit from the micro-chip technic.

The sperm cells should have a certain level of mobility (motility) in order to swim across the chip to make it to the other end. If the sperm sample has very poor motility, it is likely that there will be no sperm cells that will make it to the other end of the chip and the method will fail. In order to avoid this problem, all sperm samples are examined before being placed in the MicroFluidic chip and only the samples with more than a certain level of motility are accepted for the procedure. Once the micro-chip procedure is complete they will then do the fertilization