Sperm Donation Treatment

Sperm donation treatment program works very much like the IVF/ICSI treatment. The only difference is that instead of using the male partners sperm sample,  you choose a sperm donor to fertilize the eggs. The patient will fill in a patient specification form to help us choose the suitable sperm donor to the specifiction you desire. The frozen sperm is from sperm banks from Europe or the USA regestered sperm banks.

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is the preferred method in cases where no sperm or insufficient sperm production occurs in the male patient’s testicles, the amount or quality of sperm causes difficulty in achieving pregnancy or in order to avoid other possible related health risks. Also sperm donation is required by women /lesbian couples, single women and for the femal is fertile but the male partner has sever abnormalities in the semen parameters.  

These abnormalities include both obstructive and non-obstructive absence of sperm (azospermia) decreased sperm count (oligospermia) or other sperm or seminal fluid abnormalities are also indications for donor insemination. It is also when the male has ejaculatory dysfunction or when femal is RH –sensitized and the male partner is RH-positive. Also couples where the male partner is at risk of passing a genetically inherited disease to child.

In case the desired result of a successful pregnancy has not been achieved due to sperm insufficiency or quality that has been established as being the cause of the fertility problems, sperm donation is a possible option to increase the chances of concieving.

A semen analysis is required by the male patient to be able to analyze the quality, volum and mobility of the sperm

In which cases is sperm donation preferred?

  • In the case of damage to the testicles of the male patient due to inflammatory disease
  • In the case of single patients who have a desire to have children
  • In the case of incurable sexually transmitted disease in male patients
  • In the case of female hypersensitivity due to Rh incompatibility in previous pregnancies
  • In cases where the female patient has no infertility issues, but the male patient has insufficient sperm count or experiences unsatisfactory sperm quality
  • In cases of genetic disorder found in the sperm

Donor Selection and Sreening

You may be offered sperm from the world’s largest sperm donation companies as Cryos International Sperm Bank in Denmark, as well as the European Sperm Bank. The clinics in North Cyprus purchase the sperm from these companies

A sperm donor can be matched with your requested characteristics physical appearance.

Patients who apply for sperm donation are evaluated in detail by the specialist and the necessary examination of the female patient will also be done by a specialized doctor, after which the appropriate treatment and tests are planned.